If, like, me you are tired of the antics of Gina Miller who is intent on removing pro-Brexit candidates at the general election, then there are many Brexiteer candidates who need your help. Here are six to get you going from different parts of the country. If you can assist them in their election campaigns, please [...]


What the North needs is the invisible hand of the free market, not the dead hand of the state 

Below is an article I wrote for Think North, a new Conservative group of which I am an advisory board member. If the Conservative Party wants to maintain and grow its support in the North, we need more free market policies, not fewer. We need more of the invisible hand of the free market, and less [...]

Paul Nuttall is wrong to stand in Boston and Skegness

There were rumours whizzing around that Paul Nuttall was about to announce that he was going to stand in Hartlepool. He is visiting the town today. Instead, he announced he intends to be the UKIP candidate in Boston and Skegness.  Although Matt Warman, the sitting Conservative MP, voted Remain in the EU Referendum last year, [...]

Aldershot Conservatives should refuse the three candidates on offer tonight

When Sir Gerald Howarth MP announced he was standing down from Parliament, Aldershot Conservative Association made it clear that their preference was for Daniel Hannan MEP to be their candidate at the general election on 8 June. Dan said he would like that too. There shouldn't have been a problem, but there is one. Tonight [...]

Labour Marginals – Bishop Auckland

I was born and raised in Bishop Auckland. It was the constituency where I campaigned for the first time during the 1987 general election - a mere lad of 16 years. The Conservative candidate was Robin Wight who was trying to oust the incumbent Labour MP, Derek Foster. Lord Foster (as he is now) was, [...]

Follow the signs, not the polls

Mark Wallace, the Executive Editor of Conservative Home, recently tweeted the following: I would go as far as to say that this never happens, or at least I have never know it happen before. Lifelong Labour supporters in the North East of England have been deserting the party, but that means they have been voting [...]