Can you help Andrea Jenkyns in Morley and Outwood?

168524537_Conservative-MP-Andrea-Jenkins-at-the-House-of-Commons-13th-May-2015.-653x421[1]Andrea and I met for the first time at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester in 2009, and we have been friends ever since. Like many people, I was delighted for her when she beat Ed Balls to win Morley and Outwood in 2015.

She has, though, a very small majority of 422. Andrea is one of those politicians who sticks to her principles, come what may. I knew that she thought we were better off out of the EU, but it would have been very easy for her as a newly elected MP to buckle under the pressure of the whips and come out for Remain in last year’s referendum. She didn’t.

Whist serving on the Health Committee, she was the only member who rejected the idea of a sugar tax. It would have made her life easier to go with the flow, but she didn’t and she stuck to her principles.

That’s why I want to see Andrea returned to the House of Commons on 8 June. She fights hard for her constituents and sticks to her principles.

If you have some spare time available over the next few weeks and can get to Morley, there’s always plenty of leafleting, canvassing, and envelope stuffing to be done. Andrea and her team will be delighted to see you. 

Let’s make sure the bookies are right!

Morley & Outwood Betting


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