John McDonnell gets Brilloed after his Marr interview

In the classic BBC comedy, Yes Minister, Sir Arnold Robinson, the Cabinet Secretary objected to Jim Hacker becoming the Cabinet Minister responsible for the Arts. Sir Arnold objected because Hacker was, according to him, a complete Philistine. Sir Humphrey Appleby reminded Sir Arnold that it didn’t really matter as the Industry Secretary is the idlest man in town, the Education Secretary is illiterate, and the Employment Secretary is unemployable.

That was satire, but you really couldn’t make it up when it comes to the Labour front bench today. The Leader of the Opposition describes terrorists as friends, and the Shadow Chancellor is a Marxist.¬†Despite john McDonnell’s attempts at back-peddling, there is video evidence of him proudly saying he was indeed a Marxist. Yes Minster was funny. The thought of that lot running the country, is not.

H/T: Steerpike, Spectator


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