My response to Labour’s draft manifesto


The Tees Valley needs to be an enterprise zone

One of the surprises in last week's local elections was the election of Ben Houchen as Mayor of the Tees Valley. On paper this should have been a Labour victory, and the Labour Party will still be wondering how it lost this to a Conservative. For those of us of a free market persuasion, though, [...]

Labour Marginals – Scunthorpe

Labour was in a potentially difficult spot at the 2010 general election in Scunthorpe. It was revealed in 2009 that the sitting MP, Elliot Morley, had fiddled his expenses and eventually, in 2011, he spent four months behind bars for false accounting as a result. Despite this, though, Nic Dakin won the seat for Labour [...]

John McDonnell gets Brilloed after his Marr interview

In the classic BBC comedy, Yes Minister, Sir Arnold Robinson, the Cabinet Secretary objected to Jim Hacker becoming the Cabinet Minister responsible for the Arts. Sir Arnold objected because Hacker was, according to him, a complete Philistine. Sir Humphrey Appleby reminded Sir Arnold that it didn't really matter as the Industry Secretary is the idlest [...]

What the local election results have shown us

The party is over for UKIP. If UKIP had got its act together after last year's referendum, there was a chance that it could have survived Thursday's mauling at the polls. Instead, the party went on a prolonged period of internecine warfare. The idea that UKIP voters loaned their vote to the Conservatives because of [...]